Pea protein which is used in plant-based foods such as burgers, is currently under threat with droughts and wet harvests impacting on both the global price and availability.

The new eco-friendly factory has planning permission to build on Naylor Farms land at Low Fulney Farm Spalding.

The opportunity is to revolutionise food production with a view to help solve the problems of increased population growth and producing enough food globally.  Therefore, helping to preserve the planet for future generations.

Clean and sustainable energy

As part of this investment in the future Lincoln University will also be involved with the development and creation of an in-house learning and research centre at the The Low Fulney Farm Facility, South Holland. South Lincolnshire is a natural food hub where growers, processors and logistics firms work together to create a more efficient supply chain which is complemented with a skilled workforce.

This site will provide a variety of career opportunities for local people.

The facility will be used as the main training centre for employees as-and-when future similar facilities (throughout the world) are built and brought online. 

The world has a growing requirement and desire for quality, sustainable plant-based food and to deliver this we will need to utilise the whole brassica crop which has positive functional benefits without the negative environmental impact that soy, for example, has. Brassicas are fully traceable from seed to consumer, sustainable to grow with high yield. This innovative facility is being built on our land so the food miles from field to processing are at a minimum.

Simon Naylor, CEO of Naylor Nutrition